Logo recognition system



Logo detection and brand recognition research has been explored since the last two decades. Since the evolution of deep learning and given the large amount of visual data available today, state-of-the-art in logo detection and brand recognition from real-world product images has gained an important interest in today’s computer visions most important research fields. In addition, the appliance of this technology to visual marketing and other related tasks seems to have no limits. This motivates DeepVision’s team to continuously research and apply advances on the field to the on-going development of it’s visual recognition technology.

Find and identify brands, logos and products in order to perform analytics, compare and find similar products, or present personalized content by applying our visual brands intelligence technology.

DeepVision’s visual recognition use cases:


Approve content

Tag and link

Highlight features


Find and recommend

  • Organize your data by recognizing brands logos or products from large amounts of images coming from different applications.
  • Approve content that is on-brand and filter the remaining content.
  • Tag and link your content to specific brands or products and serve up branded content in social media.
  • Highlight product features from images and extend its content to increase user engagement in e-commerce, improve online shopping experiences, or for social media advertisement.
  • Categorize products and brands images automatically based on visual content for your e-commerce.
  • Find similar products or products of the same brand and recommended content to improve user engagement in e-commerce.
  • Identify your brand logo among large amount of images for intellectual property protection in e-commerce.

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Visual face intelligence

Detect and recognize faces either from images or videos, perform face analytics and demographic analysis, organize your data, present personalized content, build security systems, among other applications from your visual content by applying our visual face intelligence technology.

Custom visual intelligence

DeepVision's team is capable of provide custom visual recognition solutions applied to specific data and resources. By providing cutting edge technology DeepVision is focused on deliver the right solution that best fits custom customer needs.