How to start? To build a proof of concept we need a dataset of images or videos and the particular task you aim to perform. The process is as follows:

  1. Provide a dataset of images or videos and describe the problem you want to solve.
  2. The data is collected, prepared and sent to DeepVision visual recognition engine.
  3. An algorithm able to perform your particular task is delivered.

Solving challenging niche problems is DeepVision’s team focus. Working closely with our clients in specialized domains allow us to deliver custom solutions that adds valuable features to particular customers products and meet unique needs and requirements.

DeepVision’s visual recognition use cases:

Highlight features


Search and recommend

Filter content


  • Highlight valuable features of your products by analyzing your visual content with DeepVision’s technology.
  • Convert images and videos content into words that your system is able to understand.
  • Automatically detect and identify the right categories of images content for your business needs.
  • Perform visual search and recommend products based on similar content.
  • Detect and filter undesired content in your data.
  • Other particular task you might be interested.

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Visual face intelligence

Detect and recognize faces either from images or videos, perform face analytics and demographic analysis, organize your data, present personalized content, build security systems, among other applications from your visual content by applying our visual face intelligence technology.

Visual brands intelligence

Find and identify brands, logos and products in order to perform analytics, compare and find similar products, or present personalized content by applying our visual brands intelligence technology.